730,000,000 Total Supply

Chain: BSC

Token Distribution

  • 39% TBD
  • 31% AirDrop
  • 10% Liquidity Pool Locked Until 7/14/2027
  • 10% Reserve
  • 5% Seed investors
  • 5% Marketing

  • Taxation

    2% Total Transactionfee

  • 1% auto liquidity to PancakeSwap
  • .5% redistribution reflection to holders
  • .5% to Dev Fund Wallet

  • Our Mission

    Royal Dao Finance envisions Web3.0 as being the future of finance aswell as the “internet” we know as today.

    Web3.0 adoption is already starting to happen everywhere. DeFi, NFTs, and the Metaverse. We know this is just the beginning of Web3.0. What do we mean by this?

    Royal Dao Finance believes that eventually web3 will be integrated with so much that we use in todays world. People are going to be interacting with web3 applications / dapps just like we do today with twitter, facebook, and even things like Netflix. This is gonna be the mass adoption of Web3.

    Our goal is for Royal Dao Finance to be the community that helps develop and help the mass adoption of Web3.0.